Naming | Visual Identity



Quality, Seriousness and Innovation are the three pillars that gave rise to the company for management services, analysis and organizational training. The studies carried out to create the name were based on the concepts of: business direction and scientific methods that characterize a part of the work that is aligned with research and theoretical knowledge and puts it into practice. Within the theoretical / scientific universe, one of the methods that inspire organizational training is OBM = ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT OF BEHAVIOR. OBM is an Experimental Behavior Analysis application in the management of organizations, one of the Behavior Analysis applications for Human Development. From this method, the name OBEME was created, creating, through the beginning of its pronunciation and pronunciation, a new name.



Visual Identity

To create the symbol, we used as a basis a summary of the work process, which was divided into three main phases:

Analysis - Understanding

Deepening - Involvement

Development - Evolution