Santa Clara




Santa Clara is a veterinary hospital located in Londrina - PR. Previously treated as a clinic, it was completely restructured to reach this new level. It was then that we had the honor to participate in this process through the redesign: Initially we presented a proposal with modern and minimalist touches, however at the request of the client we follow a line close to the initial symbol, keeping its originality to the maximum, just simplifying and balancing its lines and shapes. To balance the complexity of the symbol, we worked on typography very clean and smooth, with enough weight to balance with the size of the symbol. We also reformulated the colors to bring more humanity to the group and better differentiate it from the competition. We also created a complement with the idea of movement and lightness, thus closing with a touch of sophistication.


Direção Criativa / Design: Leonardo Juliano

Direção de Arte: Leonardo Juliano, Thayane Castanho

Fotos do hospital:  Upside