Visual Identity


With the objective of expanding photovoltaic energy in universities, comes the Unas project. Photovoltaic energy is the cleanest, greenest and most abundant energy in which the generator is the sun. All this sustainable and practical concept of this energy source had to be expressed in the project's Visual Identity, strengthening the brand's main manifesto which is to make the use of photovoltaic energy more common, reducing costs and protecting the planet.


The main concepts worked on identity were: energy panels, sunflower and technology. Panels are the direct and central object of energy supply, whereas sunflower enters as a natural element that nourishes itself from the sun's rays (just as the project panels, which are supplied with solar energy), the transmitted technology is the basis of everything, because through it was possible to develop a means to obtain this type of energy and at the same time save and save the planet. The symbol is the technological sunflower.